How to make a Wrist watch cake

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How to make a Wrist watch cake

In this video, I’ll show you how I made this wrist watch cake step by step.

Making the Watch box

I used the template to cut out the box.

Cut all three layers using the outer square of the template. For the top layer, cut out the inner square as well and carefully lift it off. Then sandwich the layers and cover the cake with ganache.

Smoothing the top is a bit tricky, it’s easier to refrigerate the cake for sometime after covering with ganache and then smooth again adding more ganache where necessary.

Roll out some white fondant to cover the top. Roughly cut out a square shape using the template, keeping some extra space all around.

Cut a bit from the middle and smooth inside. Then cut the excess fondant from outside but make sure that it falls over the edge just a little bit.

Take the small square of the top layer and trim it about 1/2 an inch from the sides. Cover it with ganache and refrigerate to set.

Roll out some brown fondant and cut four strips to cover the sides. I’ve added some tylose powder to this fondant so that it’ll dry out fast and hold the shape easily.

:bulb: I coloured this fondant brown by mixing some cocoa powder to white fondant.

The length and width of the stripes should be according to the ganached cake, mine was about 4 inches high and each side was about 7 and 1/4 inches wide.

I used an impression mat to add texture to the fondant.

Attach the fondant panels to the sides with a little bit of water to stick it in place.

Roll out some red fondant and cover the smaller square.

Making the Watch

I’ve mixed some tylose powder with the fondant. Roll out some grey fondant and cut out a circle in the middle, then remove the circle. Then roll out some white fondant and place the grey piece on the top.

Place a cling wrap on top and use a slightly larger circle cutter to cut the watch dial. Dust the grey edge with silver dust.

For the watch belt, roll out some brown fondant and use the impression mat to add some texture.

Cut out the belt shape and paint with brown gel food colouring to make the colour darker and give it a little glossy look.

Add small pieces of grey fondant to either side of the belt and dust with silver.

Paint the details on the dial with gel food colouring.

Make the crown which goes on the side, with some grey fondant. Add impressions to it using a toothpick or the blunt edge of a knife.

You can place the watch in the box at an angle if you wish :simple_smile:

Download Template

You can get the template to make this cake by clicking the button below :point_down:

If you used the template or watched the video, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, feedback, or pictures of your cake (if it helped you make a cake).

I’d love to hear from you! :heart_eyes: